Together with the raw materials and latest technological devices, Mapoth has admitted itself to guarantee the realization of Customer Satisfaction. In order to maintain the continuity of such satisfaction, Research and Development Department has been established and increasing product quality and variety was so planned.

In order to maintain the continuity of an active quality system which has already proven that such a system can meet the needs of the importance of quality and quality needs, the studies of “Quality Assurance Management” are running at full speed.

The quality production is performed by delicately trained personnel from the top to the bottom. In accordance with this understanding, internal and external education programs are regularly arranged.

Economical advancements bring mostly environmental pollution, destruction of natural resources and decreasing the quality of city life as inevitabe results. The main subject of the targets of Mapoth, consist of aiming the minimization of such results and environmental sensitivity.

Nature & Ceramic

The Beauty Of Nature For High Performance Porcelain Stoneware Floors.

Returning the beauty of nature, through porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles with excellent technological qualities, intended for residential and commercial construction, has always been our primary objective.


  • Our ceramic continues to evolve, through a path inspired by nature.
  • The stages of this adventure are called quality.
  • Coherence, concreteness, which are flanked by experience, technological research, attention to the customer .

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